Revitalize Holistic Cancer Therapy

We at Revitalize recognize that cancer has become a major problem for people of all walks of life affecting the “haves” and “have-nots” in equal measure. Despite millions of Shillings being poured into conventional cancer treatments it is also a proven fact that other factors play a major role in the outcome.


These include proper nutrition and clean water, detoxification, immune building, natural chemotherapies, lifestyle changes such as adequate sleep, sunlight and exercise, a positive attitude and spiritual cleansing.

Regardless of the of the cancer’s aggressiveness, the body will respond to the holistic approach – the speed and degree to which it does so is commensurate with the diligence and extent to which these factors are applied. 


Working closely with a fully qualified nutritionist with many years of experience in this specific field, we have created a special treatment package that will include the following and cost 36,000/=. 

Bi-weekly Nutritional and Lifestyle consultation

2 weekly fun dance classes

1 weekly meditation session

1 weekly relaxing massage

An antioxidant packed fresh fruit and vegetable juices with each session. 


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