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Gym & Membership rates

Regular Gym Membership

Couple Annual Ksh 200,000
Couple Half Year Ksh 135,000
Couple Quarterly Ksh 80,000
Couple Monthly Ksh 36,000
Individual Annual Ksh 110,000
Individual Half Year Ksh 75,000
Individual Quarterly Ksh 45,000
Individual Monthly Rate Ksh 18,750
Drop in Ksh 1,500

Group Fitness Classes

Per Class Ksh 750
Ten Classes Ksh 7,000
Monthly Ksh 13,500
Quarterly Ksh 35,000

Off Peak Membership

Strictly between 9am and 3pm
Annual Ksh 75,000
Half Year Ksh 52,500
Quarterly Ksh 30,000
Monthly Ksh 13,500
Drop in Ksh 1,000


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